Monday, December 15, 2014

Last American Vampire by Seth Grahame-Smith

Let me start by saying I did not read the first book so do not know how this one compares. This was a tough book for me to finish. I would get frustrated with the book and kept taking breaks from it to read other things. We meet a LOT of real life people in the book. At first it is fun to see how the characters interact with them. There does come a point where enough is enough and I just didn't enjoy it anymore. History buffs will like how the author takes real world events and puts a different spin on why they happened the way the did. Again, I hit a point where I was like really another one? This book made me realize I am not a fan of books that cover such a long time period. In this case it felt like the author was just checking off real life events and kept skimming along to get to the next one. I would have rather focused on a shorter time period and had more story.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Obligatory Post...

It's that time again. The year is almost up and I feel the need to make 2015 goals. This is where I promise to do better with such and such or make more effort to do this and that. Then I wait a year to come back and see what I did not do. Maybe this coming year will be different? Maybe I can get myself into some new routines? More unlikely things have happened! No point in wasting time worrying about what didn't happen in the past. I can't undo my lost promises. All I can do is make an honest effort to try. So, that said I will make an effort to post more. I do miss blogging. I have to give up the idea that I will be writing fascinating things the world will rush to read and instead just worry about getting thoughts written down. If anyone reads them fine. If not that is no big deal either. People were not reading them when they were stuck in my head before. No actual goals of number of posts, followers, comments, etc.. Just me hoping I can visit more often and try to write out some ideas, reviews, and whatever random thoughts comes to mind.

Monday, November 25, 2013

2014 Goals

It's that time of year where I start thinking about next years goals. 2013 was not a great one for me as far as getting things accomplished. One thing I having been thinking about is blogging again. Don't laugh! I know I have said this numerous times without actually doing it. Between posting on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook I have pretty much ignored Blogger. I do miss blogging though. There is something different to that type of writing compared to posts on other social media. 

The other thing to consider is what to blog? Do I want to keep it focused on one topic or whatever comes to mind? I know for the reader it is probably best to stay on one topic. I don't know if I could do that or not. Also, do I want to wait until January or start in December? 

Right now I am leaning on keeping the focus on 3 main topics--cooking, reading, and drinking. I may throw in the random post from time to time just to make sure I keep posting regularly. I am probably going to start in December too. Why wait? 

Monday, October 07, 2013

Room 237 and The Shining

Watching the documentary Room 237 on Netflix. I think we will have to turn it off. I can only take so many conspiracy theories in one sitting. How these people came up with these crazy hidden meanings in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining is beyond me. The final straw for me was the guy who saw hidden meanings in the movie the prove Kubrick faked the Moon landings. 

Monday, August 08, 2011

Death Masks by Jim Butcher

Over the weekend I was able to finish Death Masks by Jim Butcher. This is book 5 in the Dresden Files which is a series I started awhile ago, but for various reasons have not kept up with. I am so glad I came back.

Picking up after Summer Knight, Harry once again finds himself in trouble when he is hired to find the Shroud of Turin. As if that was not bad enough he also is challenged to a duel by a member of the Red Court. Life is never easy for the only licensed wizard in Chicago.

The series is really hitting its stride now with this book. We are getting to know Harry more and see why he acts the way he does. We also learn more about the Knights and what Harry's flame Susan has been up to. A word of warning though--it is not advisable to start this series here. If you like this you may also enjoy the Felix Castor series from Mike Carey.

Monday, August 01, 2011

The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt

I finished this book today. Normally I am not a fan of Western books although I love Western movies. Not sure why I enjoy one style and not the other. This book though might change my mind.

Told from the viewpoint of Eli we follow him and his brother Charlie as they embark on another mission from the Commodore. The famous Sisters Brothers are cold blooded killers who do not let anything stop them from completely the job. This job though just might change everything as Eli starts to question his commitment to the Commodore and the lifestyle he leads.

For fans of Westerns and Literary Fiction.

postscript:I forgot to add that this book has also been recently long listed for the 2011 Man Booker Prize
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